10 Top Tech Trends To Watch In 2018

The advances seen in technology in our own life times is staggering. We’ve watched as technology has grown and devices have shrunk.

We’ve seen the rise of apple, the mobile phone, laptops and paper-thin televisions! So, what’s next for technology?

Check Out Our Top 10 Tech Trends To Watch In 2018

1) 5G

5G or fifth generation wireless is on the horizon., set to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks.

It’s unsure when 5G will be released, with some saying as late as 2020 and some as soon as later this year. We’re hoping it’s the latter!

2) Artificial Intelligence

Sounds like something plucked right out of an old sci fi movie, right? Well artificial intelligence is already being used today to predict online behaviour.

This year artificial intelligence will become much more mainstream. It will be used to recognise preferences and patterns and optimise online user experience.

3) Robotics

Robotics is another topic seemingly plucked right out of a film but they’re actually much more commonplace.

Amazon released their ‘Echo’ and ‘Echo Dot’, Google have their ‘Google Home’ both examples of household robotics with the capabilities of intelligent personal assistant services.

This technology is growing further and soon no industry will be exempt from robotic technology. Warehouses, labourers and the healthcare system are already implementing these tools.

4) Voice: The Fourth Sales Channel

Voice operated online assistant has been around a while. Apple was quite the pioneer with this technology using ‘Siri’ to make this tool accessible.

However, what has previously been a novelty has now become more practical. More and more sites are optimised for voice searches.
Consumerism in particular has benefited from this technology.

5) Facial Recognition On The Go

Facial recognition is another growing technology that was made most accessible by Apple.
This tool is being used for security purposes across the board. From phones to banking.

Facial recognition is even being used to unlock cars to only the registered owner. The benefits of this new security technique are obvious, and we’re excited to see where else this will be implemented this year!

6) Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Both technologies change the way we view the world around us and are often mistaken for the same thing.

Augmented reality, simply put, is layering the virtual onto the real. This can be seen on makeup apps that allow you to ‘try on the look’ or furniture stores which allow you to see how a particular item will look in your own home.

Virtual reality creates a simulated environment such as a virtual test drive of a car or a simulator allowing you to fly a plane.

7) Smart Cities

The concept of smart cities is one of using information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency.
That sentence at a glance can sound a bit confusing but you’re probably already familiar with its features.

Technologies such as automatic parking meters which allow you entry and exit from a parking lot are all a part of the smart city concept.
These features will become more widespread and prominent in the coming years.

8) Blockchain Technology

A blockchain is a digitized, decentralised, public ledger that records all cryptocurrency transactions.

This can be an extremely confusing concept. A blockchain anonymously records all transaction which are fully digitalised.
For example, bitcoin which is something that cannot be physically held, but where ownership can be transferred digitally.

9) Intelligent Apps

Intelligent apps not only know how to support and enable user decisions, but also learn from our interactions.

The most common form of smart apps you will be familiar with is apps that use geography. Based on your location smart apps will send you alerts and notifications relevant to you, such as traffic warnings.

10) Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is nothing new, one look at Instagram will tell you that.

Influencer marketing is a trend that will grow this year due to its simplicity and success. This is the process of hiring a popular influencer, usually across social media, to promote your site or product.

This widens your audience reach phenomenally.

Long Story Short…

The technology advances we’ve seen are phenomenal! It’s only going one way! Technology will continue to grow until sci fi becomes reality. Keep up to date with these advances and take full advantage of them for your business and marketing.

Let us know in the comments section below what other tech trends you think will rock 2018!

infographic depicting the top tech trends for 2018 on a black and white alternating block background