Amazing company to work with

These guys, especially Simon Macbeth are not every ones cup of tea. But if you appreciate brutal honest you can’t go wrong here! Simon Macbeth worked hard to make sure I understood why my ideas wouldn’t work. At first I was a bit annoyed being put in my place. But after I calmed down I realised he was right. I spoke with Simon again and he came up with a much better way for me to realise my business idea. This guy is certainly clever and very honest.

I paid him £1499 for a website I love. He REFUSED to take £6500 from me for a website that he didn’t think would work. The guy showed passion and made sure I didn’t waste my money on a bad idea. What other business would turn down £6500, risk annoying another potential customer and getting another 1 star review on here, just to make sure I didn’t waste thousands building a website I didn’t need? Do yourself a favour, ignore the 1 star reviews and talk with Simon Macbeth about your ideas.