Tinder Nightmares – The Hilarious Instagram Page That You Need To Follow!

Tinder Nightmares – If You’ve Ever Been On Tinder Then I’m Sure You Will Find This Hilarious!

Tinder – it’s the modern day version of speed dating, except you don’t even have to leave your house or even your bed for that matter (or your office if you’re one of the guys at Roundhay Web Design that spends their lunch break swiping…) Just log in on your phone and get swiping left or right and you should probably end up getting a match. (If all that swiping seems like too much like hard work for you then why not invest in one of these little gadgets; the Tinder Finger?!) So, you’ve got yourself a match – this is when the smooth talking should come in, but after reading these Tinder Nightmares it has soon become apparent that not everybody is lucky enough to have the gift of the gab; some of these are utterly cringe worthy, I feel sorry for the person on the receiving end.

Tinder Nightmares #1

earl grey tinder nightmares screenshot

Lets not start off with one that’s too bad, this guy must be English and possibly even a geeky web designer if he’s bringing tea into his dating chat up lines.

Tinder Nightmares #2
not lie tinder nightmare screenshot

Well they do say that honesty is the best policy after all. Even cats are getting involved in online dating; just like dogs were the ones to blame at school when homework was due.

Tinder Nightmare #3

If I was on Tinder and got a message with this many spelling mistakes I would be put off straight away just like this person. Their, there and they’re – get to know the difference people! Don’t get me started on his screen name, Studmuffin?! This infuriates me so much, especially working in the web design industry as it is pretty much a daily occurrence; working with people that can’t spell or even make any effort to use spell checker. It’s built into pretty much everybody’s phone and computer, jeez!

Tinder Nightmares #4break jaw tinder nightmares screenshot

I wonder how many people this guy thought would actually reply yes I certainly am interested in giving you a bj!? My reply would be much less polite than that!

Tinder Nightmares #5hilarious tinder nightmare screenshot

Well played, what a brilliant answer. My answer would have been Great Expectations

Tinder Nightmares #6meme tinder nightmare screenshot

And cue a relationship with a solid foundation of brilliant memes. It seems you can have a conversation using memes to communicate, as we know all too well here at our web design HQ, me and my colleagues often communicate this way!

Tinder Nightmare #7disney tinder nightmare screenshot

This one is amazing! It brought so much joy to my day, the poor guy though, he seems so confused whilst wondering what the hell his match is going on about.

Tinder Nightmares #8titanic tinder nightmares screenshot

Tinder Nightmare inception…

Tinder Nightmares #9that was fast tinder nightmare screenshot

If I was going to use a movie title to describe this one, it would definitely be 2 Fast 2 Furious. Jeez, take a chill pill man!

Tinder Nightmare #10dumb tinder nightmare screenshot

What a dumb arse. Perhaps I should nudge him towards this completely pointless and ridiculous web page. It seems there are people out there that actually need step by step guidance on how to use a frigging elevator – complete with illustrations too, wow!!

Tinder Nightmares #11genie tinder nightmares screenshot

Better get rubbing that lamp if you want the Genie to come out and play…

Tinder Nightmares #12honest tinder nightmare screenshot

Just like the other 50 million people that use the Tinder app (and the internet in general) then yes?

Tinder Nightmare #13flamingo tinder nightmare screenshot

Ruined that one pretty much instantly; what a fantastic mental image!

Tinder Nightmares #14rude tinder nightmare screenshot

Don’t know which is funnier; the fact that Michael thinks that he’s going to get women this way or the woman’s totally awesome reply.

Tinder Nightmare #15cant spell tinder nightmares screenshot

Again, spelling is key here guys. It’s so easy to be turned off by such poor spelling. I applaud his persistence though!

Tinder Nightmares #16awkward tinder nightmare screenshot

Awkward much? It could be a lot worse though, imagine unknowingly matching with your stepbrother and eventually arranging to meet up? Now that would be awkward!

Tinder Nightmares #17weird tinder nightmare screenshot

Having seen giraffes actually do this at the zoo and on David Attenborough of course, I can confirm that it really is as awesome as it sounds. This chat up line probably would work on me too, ha!

Tinder Nightmares #18funny tinder nightmare screenshot

Taking it slow? This is slower than my Nan’s broadband connection.

Tinder Nightmare #19tinder nightmare screenshot

Jail Birds R Us. It seems that prisoners are just as welcome on Tinder as you and I, like they said – guys in jail need loving too! I wonder how they managed to get on the internet, find the Tinder website, create an account and manage to match with people from prison? They have it way too easy!

Enjoyed Reading This?

I hope you did enjoy reading about Tinder Nightmares, it’s a real eye opener to how corny and dumb some people can be when it comes to dating. Anyway, make sure that you check back for more funny and exciting posts like this. Until then, why not check out this post about office life, if you work in an office you will be sure to relate and have a good laugh!

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