Top 10 Awkward And Funny Advertising Fails

In this blog, I list my favourite 10 awkward and funny advertising fails – it could be that it’s placed somewhere that makes it more of joke than a well thought out advert or that it’s just totally inappropriate full stop.

Have you ever seen an advert that’s placed somewhere so bizarrely, you wonder who came up with the marketing concept? I’ve seen quite a lot of advertising fails whilst going about my daily business but none have been as funny and shocking as these!

1. Coca Cola Unfortunate Ad Placement

a man standing at a refreshment stall while an advert underneath of a lady drinking a bottle of coca cola but you cannot see that as the man is stood in the way advertising fails

She sure looks like she’s enjoying the cool, refreshing taste of… Coca Cola? This is a pretty good example of one of many advertising fails; seriously why don’t they check for possible outcomes before posting?

2. Sliding Doors…

starbucks van with sliding doors which have been opened and now all you can see is the word sucks as starbucks is hidden behind the rest of the open door

Well Starbucks clearly didn’t anticipate this when they got their fleet of vans fitted out with their logo. Starbucks… sucks… is the message you get when the sliding doors are opened – woops.

3. This Supermarket Knows.

a sign above an aisle in a supermarket saying baby needs and then directly underneath it says beers and wines

Now I don’t think this one was unintentional, as a parent I know how important it is to keep stocked up on all baby and child essentials; nappies, wipes, formula, food… and WINE. It’s called sanity juice for a reason you know, well played supermarket, well played.

4. McDonald’s Advertising Fail

a billboard poster about diabetes and then directly below is a mcdonalds advertising fails

This is one of my personal favourites; `A heart attack could be just around the corner`, well actually it’s not. If you go straight ahead you’ll find McDonald’s, the place where heart attack inducing food is born!

5. Hmm I Wonder Where Daddy Is…

a billboard advertisment for a strip club then directly next to it is a work safety campaign poster of a mum holding her little girl and a quote saying where is daddy, advertising fail

By the look on the mothers face I think she already knows where Daddy is. Someone is going to be in BIG trouble when they eventually arrive home, $500 lighter…

6. Walking Dead Funeral Home

a co operative funeral home and then a big advertisment billboard on the wall next to it advertising the walking dead

Oh dear, this is one of those advertising fails that make you wonder how people miss these inappropriate placements of such a monumental scale. Can you imagine turning up at a funeral home to make arrangements for a loved one that has sadly passed; only to be greeted by a huge Walking Dead advertisement on the wall right next to it?

7. Burger King

a heart disease campaign billboard directly next to a billboard advertising burger king unhealthy snacks

Another fast food related advertising fail, this time it’s Burger King. Who decided to put an ad campaign up for calorific snacks right next to a poster for heart disease? Come on people, you had one job!

8. Nestle

a kiosk with an image of a woman on it seemingly licking an ice cream but there is a dumpster in the way so it looks as though she is licking the dumpster instead

Not the advertisers fault but more of an unfortunate bin placement here. Mm, tasty dumpster!

9. Throat Sweet Fail

a big display of condoms directly next to a throat sweet stand saying get your throat game ready

Now this surely is too well placed to be a fluke, I mean seriously, who would place a display of sore throat sweets next to this vast array of condoms? It must have been a man; can’t use having a sore throat as an excuse now ladies, ha!

10. Hereeeee`s Jonny!

a huge billboard advert for les miserables but a smaller poster on a street sign shows a picture of jonny from the shining completely covering the lady from les miserables face

I don’t think this is quite the effect the advertiser was going for, that pesky Jonny is barging his way into things again, does he ever learn?

If you liked this then be sure to check back regularly for more funny, clever and interesting blog posts. This was just a small selection of my favourite advertising fails, there are so many more out there. Bye for now!