Top 10 Domain Name Epic Fails

Here we share our top 10 domain name fails… So, you’ve just set up a new business, the new business needs a website and it also needs a domain name.

What`s the first thing you`d do having found a seemingly perfect domain name? That’s right, you’d check it for all the different variations and connotations it could have before purchasing it. (Something these guys should have done!)


itscrap website image

They really didn’t think this one through, did they? I mean, they should be positively promoting their I.T scrap recycling services, not telling the world that it`s crap!


penisisland domain

What`s this? The land of penises, what an interesting holiday resort! I wonder what their local food specialities are… I bet sausages, bananas and cucumbers are popular, to name but a few! Ah wait, it`s custom made pens they are advertising, of course…


website saying whore presents which should really read who represents

So you`re looking for a database of talent representatives and what do you stumble across? Only the perfect website to buy a gift for that special lady in your life of course…


speedo fart but should say speed of art domain name fail

Don`t you just hate it when you’re relaxing in your Speedo’s and woops, you let one slip. It can be so embarrassing, thank goodness for this website where you can share your awkward Speedo related faux pas.


looks like americans crap metal but should be american scrap metal

Americans do what now? This is a prime example of an epic domain name fail. Seriously, why didn’t anybody think to check this before purchasing it?


masterbait sounds seemingly like something rude oops


Now I think this one is a really clever domain name `fail` (using that term loosely.) Surely this is intentional, I mean, look at the tag line they`re using: `You Can`t Beat Our Bait!`

Well played Sir Master Bait, well played…


the word therapist looks so much like the rapist in this domain name fail

Wow, just wow. There`s nothing relaxing and reassuring about this domain name. No matter how much they try and make their logo look calm and inviting, I just can`t get past seeing those two words – the rapist. Major fail here guys!


should read power gen italia but reads power genitalia

Now this website is based in Italy so I can see how this one slipped past them, unfortunately for them it now looks as though they are promoting some kind of powerful intimate body parts. I bet this gets all kinds of wrong traffic!


teachers talking looks like teacher stalking

Ever wondered what your teacher gets up to outside school? Ever fancied spying on them? Well now you can thanks to this very handy teacher stalking website! Full of useful hints and tips on how not to get caught following your favourite teacher!


molestation nursery looks like molestation


Holy Moly! Which genius allowed this domain name to be used for their website? It doesn’t sound like the type of nursery you`d want to send your little angels to, does it? Ah… phew, it`s not actually promoting a nursery of the early years kind – just plant life!

After seeing our top 10 domain name fails, I hope that you check, check and check again before considering purchasing your own domain names – you just never know what could be hiding in that completely seemingly innocent URL!

Remember, it isn’t just limited to domain names, check out these hashtag howlers from Twitter:

twitter fail susan boyle hashtag

twitter fail hashtag clit fest