Top 10 SEO Blogs You Need To Subscribe To

The truth is Search engine optimisation (SEO) standards are constantly changing. Search engines are improving the way in which they deliver results to users every day. To do this, they’re focusing on things like localisation, page authority, click-through rate, and even searches that come from voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

As a business, it is critical to keep up to date with all of this news, which you probably know can be tricky. Here’s our leading list of the best SEO blogs online today to help you become a better marketer.


1. Google Webmaster Central Blog

google web master blog

When working in the search marketing industry, you must know what the search engines are doing. Google’s Webmaster Blog gives search marketers insights into the changes and updates to Google.

2. SEMrush Blog

sem rush blog

SEMrush’s blog is on the cutting edge of today’s SEO trends, offering advice on SEO through a variety of lenses – from app development, to social media, to voice search.

3. Yoast

yoast seo blog

Yoast is a training and website integration for those who want to learn how to optimize their website. Its blog covers tactics for improving SEO as well as user experience.

4. The Moz Blog

moz blog

Known as the industry’s top wizards, The Moz Blog has become the gold standard for SEO solutions and how-to articles. The dedicated team of contributors offers an article per day to help expand your knowledge of search marketing.

5. Web Design Review SEO Blog

web design review seo

This company specialise in reviewing web design companies but also put a lot of time and effort into their business blog, that’s a lot more fun than the usual others on the market. Keep up to date with all things web design, SEO and hosting.

6. Search Engine Journal

search engine journal

From link building to the latest algorithm changes from Google, Search Engine Journal covers news and tactics related to the search engine marketing industry.

7. Distilled Blog

distilled seo blog

The team at Distilled provides insights and musings across digital marketing, using SEO as the vehicle for that conversation.

8. Tubular Insights

tublar insights blog

Tubular Insights is a resource for marketers looking to learn more about online video’s impact on search engine marketing.

9. SEO Copywriting

seo copywriting blog

Copy is a critical part of SEO success. This blog goes into more detail than most about the best practices of SEO copywriting.

10. GeoLocalSEO

If local and mobile search is your interest, the GeoLocalSEO blog is a resource you should check out for tips and tricks related to the local and mobile search industry.

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Once you have checked some of our suggestions out, don’t forget to let us know which blog you enjoyed the most!