Check Out The Top Web Design Trends Of The Year So Far!

Web design has progressed vastly over the years. Newer technology and software allows for better graphics, smoother interfaces and brand new site elements.

So, how can you keep on top of the trends this year to breath a bit of life into your site!

Check Out The Hottest Web Design Trends Right Now!

1) Open Composition

Open composition is where the elements of your site run out off the page with no boarders. It gives a no boundaries feel and a feel that the elements exist beyond the page.

It’s a trend which creates an uber modern feel. It’s also brilliant for mobile friendly websites as the functionality of changing the size of the website is made much easier by the edges of the website not being limited. This modern view on websites is one of our favourites.

2) Asymmetry

Cutting edge and stylish asymmetry uses balance in non traditional ways.

Asymmetrical design uses an imbalance across a dividing line while still creating a harmonious vibe. This trend is growing and has endless potential compositions. This design style is often quite unique and sets you apart from the crowd. This means you should get more interest as you are different and your customers pay more attention to you.

3) Richer Background Patterns

The background is being brought to the forefront his year. Designers are becoming more and more creative with the negative space between the elements of the site.

Designers are using simple repeated patterns for minimalist looks and highly graphic background images for full impact. Be careful when using this technique that your don’t inadvertently make your website difficult to read. User comfort and ergonomics should always take priority in your website design – but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring – have fun with these backgrounds and have a play with the colours of them too.

4) Large Typography As Part Of The Key Visual

Typography is becoming more about the way it looks rather than the words. Larger and unique fonts are being used in a more creative way to engage visitors.

Handwritten fonts were a staple of the 90’s but are coming back in force this year. Rather than just using the standard fonts found on your website content management system, consider installing brand new ones.

5) More SVGs

Scalable vector graphics are XML based images formats for 2 dimensional graphics.

These graphics are optimal for interactivity and animation support. They’re simple and sleek elements designed to engage and interest visitors.

6)  More Bright Colours

Subtle and understated are dead!

Designers are going bright and bold. Using both complimentary and contrasting colour combinations to create powerful visuals. Get creative with your backgrounds!

Blending, gradients and blurring are huge right now, use these techniques to transition between colours. Just make sure that the text and images are still distinguishable – you don’t want to lose your brands identity whilst trialling this idea.

To Finish…

Be creative, take risks and stay adaptable!
Trends will keep changing. It’s very easy to become stale and outdated. Use these tips to stay ahead of the game!

infographic showing the top 6 web design trends of 2018 each trend in on a different coloured background with an acompanying image