The Changing Face Of Web Design In 2018

So, this year one of the newest developments in web design trends is the trend away from trends. Weird right?

In 2018 there will also be huge changes happening in various types of corporate sites; mainly British and American media websites. They seem to overload pages with irrelevant content which can result in having a serious impact on the ability of the users.

The word to describe web development in 2018 is… disastrous! This is a problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible because, let’s face it, web development will be a pile of rubbish for everyone if these web standards continue to slip.

Anyway, we shall come back to this messy topic later in the blog post. I am going to kick off with talking about some problems that will more than likely be solved before any attention is given to the more serious issues. It’s not all serious though; I am also going to be talking about some of the positive things that will be happening in 2018 for web design.

Carousel Abuse In Web Design!

star wars cast on carousel abuse web design

When I say ‘Carousel abuse’, I simply mean that they are used for no other purpose at all other than being used. Now, if people don’t use them then there is no point in them being a thing any more is there?

Carousels have been around for an incredibly long time but after years of abuse towards them, carousels have finally come to an end. This is all because people are getting sick and tired of using them. Makes sense!

The same can be said for old sites and old ways. Unfortunately, they are being replaced by modern day auto play video banners. Luckily, this is expected to die down naturally; once old school web designers start to figure out that the majority of users are on mobiles devices.

Cya Later 1-3-1-6 Layout!

The 1-3-1-6 layout was once a very popular choice for many web designers. The reason for this is because like most things new; they look cool at the time. Unfortunately, this particular layout got overused and people began to get sick of it. Trends change – fast.

This layout is not at all responsive to mobile/tablet devices either. Not good when they are the most commonly used devices today by far.

Increase In True Responsive Design

These days web designers are much better educated about the need for responsive design. They are also getting a hell of a lot better at implementing it. Without a doubt, we should be set on seeing a lot more websites getting responsive design right.

If you are a designer you should be conscious of responsive design. Don’t worry though, this is a positive thing; it means that you are on the right track! However, you do need to take into consideration the amount of space being used and ensure it is efficient enough to deliver a high-quality experience to the user.

Rise Of The Narrative Theme

open book narrative writing

Commercial marketing agencies are beginning to realise that building a relationship with their websites users will be more beneficial for the business. So, we should be increasing the use of narrative themes; ones that paint a story for us. You will find this much more beneficial than presenting a boring wall of products for us to choose and buy.

This doesn’t mean that we should go nuts with the text and videos though. I guess it just means that we should chill on the commercial side of things and start focusing on building trust and relationships and in turn; convert this into sales.

The Scourge Of Overloaded Pages

overload web deign

Question: What exactly is an overloaded page?

Answer: An overloaded page is a page that contains a stupid amount of external resources; for example – ‘JavaScript’. Resources like this are included for the benefit of the site owner for either collecting information or making money.

Overloaded pages can be annoying for anyone but more for mobile users, users with slow internet connections or users running old hardware.

We would expect to see this kind of stuff happening on rubbish websites but just recently it has become a huge problem on all kinds of websites. Annoying huh?

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