Why You Need a New Website in 2019!

Is your website outdated? Incredibly boring? Just simply crap? Stop making your poor customers snooze when they’re looking to learn more about your services and contact you!

It’s time to take a good look at your shit site and say enough is enough; your website WILL look good and it WILL be user friendly! Done that now? Good, it’s time to bring in some sales!

Though your painfully cluttered design or change in branding might make it very obvious that a redesign is long overdue, there’s also a chance you may not be able to tell if your site needs to be revamped just by looking at it. If you’re unsure, give our guide a read to help you decide whether your website needs a makeover. After all, our team isn’t called the Gok Wan’s of web design for nothing…

Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Website

Already know you need a new website? Good for you – skip to the good part and request a quote!

1. It’s Not Mobile Responsive

business man sat at his desk with a mobile phone in his hand and laptop in front of him

You won’t be surprised to know that there’s been a HUGE increase in mobile search traffic in the last few years. Did you know that in 2016 history was made when mobile traffic outpaced desktop?

While this might sound obvious to most of you, your website should be easy to view and navigate across all devices. This is achieved with responsive website design – meaning content adjusts to fit on a variety of screen sizes.

Just because this sounds, well, ‘duh’ doesn’t mean that those in the know actually act on this, do yourself a favour and do it. Trust us, it will make the world of difference.

2. The Design is Inconsistent

billboard sign in street with text in design we trust

If you’ve had a few different web designers and developers work on your site over the past few years, it likely lacks consistency. Some things that may be inconsistent across your site include:

  • Logos
  • Images
  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Calls to action
  • Navigation
  • Page formatting

This makes not only your site appear confusing and disorganised, but your business too. Starting fresh with a brand-new website design can eliminate these issues and create consistency throughout your site’s pages.

3. Your Industry Has Evolved

out of focus man playing check and knocking pieces over

Almost every industry sees small changes throughout the years. Certain services become more popular and new techniques emerge and steal the spotlight.

Though sometimes you can make small updates to your website to reflect your changing industry, there are some occasions where your old site just won’t cut it. If you haven’t had your site revamped in over five years, there’s a good chance there’s plenty of updates that need to be made.

4. It’s Difficult to Update Content

transparent eggtimer with pink san on top of a out of focus newspaper

You should be able to easily update the content on your site to keep it fresh and relevant, as well as be able to tweak pages for SEO purposes. If updating pages on your website has become a lengthy, complicated process, you’re wasting valuable time.

The easiest way to update content on your site is with a content management system. These systems give you all the control over your site’s content and your users’ experience. Redesigning your website with a CMS will give you the flexibility you need.

5. The Speed is  S  l  o  w

snail on concrete road

There are a multitude of reasons why your website is slow, from a poor server response time to too many re-directs.

When a user visits your site, they’re not only looking to find quality information, but to find quality information quickly. Visitors will expect a site to load in 5 seconds or less, and will leave a website that takes more than this to load. In order to attract customers to your site and keep them there, you’ll need an updated site with fast speed.

A website redesign will eliminate these issues and dramatically improve your site’s speed and performance.

Get a Head Start with Your Re-design

To avoid running into the same problems your old site has, we suggest putting your website redesign in the hands of a professional and experienced team. Not to show off or anything, but have you seen our portfolio? If this isn’t enough evidence that Roundhay Web Design are the team to make your new website a success, then what is?