Life Changing Websites You’ll Want To Bookmark

The Internet is a massive and ever-growing place of wonder, full of amazing resources and glorious destinations. when you find something cool, it pays to bookmark it. There are always more mind blowing sites where these come from. Because, you know, the Internet.

Everyone has their favourite well-known websites, but we know there are more out there. The Internet has some of everything, if you look hard enough. Basically, if you can think of it, it is on the Internet — and if it’s not, well, then, obviously you have to put it there. It’s your duty to the digital world.

The downside this infinite variety, though, is that it can be hard to find the good stuff — and then once you find it, it’s annoyingly easy to lose track of it again. Get it bookmarked!

Awesome Websites You’ll Be Glad To Discover:

Boot up Your browser and get clicking…

1. Can I Stream

screenshot of can i stream it website

Screenshot taken of the website.

This handy time saving website will tell you where you can stream, download or buy any particular film you’re looking for. A quick search definitely beats endlessly scrolling through Netflix and Amazon Prime to see who’s got what.

2. Gnoosic

gnoosic screenshot

Screenshot taken of the website.

Bored of listening to Post Malone on repeat? Gnoosic will help you discover new music. Put in three of your favourite artists ,and it will tell you what else to listen to.

3. Save Walter White

save walter white screenshot

This site, created during the time that Breaking Bad was on the air, is still active. You can peruse the site as if you believe that Walter’s just an innocent teacher, stricken with cancer. Once upon a time, if you actually made a donation, it went to the National Cancer Coalition. Now, it just drives you to the AMC website. Still though, makes you want to watch it all again, right?

4. Unplug The TV

you should watch screenshot

Feeling like your brain is rotting away? Instead of watching boring TV, this website will pull up an educational video so you can stare at the pretty pictures while learning cool things. Because the world if full of amazing stuff to know.

5. A Soft Murmur

soft murmur screenshot

Whether you’re easily distracted, or just want to pretend like you’re at the beach or in the middle of the woods, this site’s got sounds for you. It’s an online sound machine, and you can cue up hours of non-repeating sounds. It helps the work day fly by, and drowns out the endless smacks of Alicia from accounting, stapler, in the next cubicle.


getting old screenshot

Is your or a friends birthday coming up? Enter your date of birth and the website will put your age into perspective with a whole host of morbid statistics.

7. Lumosity

lumosity screenshot

Work out your brain to think more critically and logically by playing these fun scientific brain games developed by neuroscientists.

8. A Good Movie to Watch

good movie watch screenshot

Spend way too much trying to figure out which movie to watch? Check out this site and you’ll never have to think too hard over your cinematic choices again.

9. Instructables

instructables screenshots

To be a favourite among parents, learn how to make just about anything with this comprehensive DIY website.

10. Chordify

chordify screenshot

The musically inclined among you will want to keep this one close at hand. Just upload a song, and it will give you the chords so you can strum along.

There you have it. My list of 10 quirky but useful websites that you’ll be bound to love!

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