Incredibly Ridiculous And Pointless WikiHow Articles – A Variety Of The Best

The Most Ridiculously Pointless WikiHow Articles On The Internet

It’s no surprise that we will all need need some degree of help from time to time; whether you’re trying to assemble the dreaded flat pack furniture from IKEA, trying to install new software onto your computer or even just learning how to cook a new recipe – there are many occasions where we will turn to the internet for help.

A quick Google usually does the trick and gets you well on your way to getting it right. Last week I did a quick Google search, it was something along the lines of: “How do you get rid of the smell of cat urine?” – thanks to my darling cat for peeing behind my sofa and leaving a bloody vile odour behind!

Anyway, I managed to get rid of the smell thanks to WikiHow but I also stumbled across a whole abundance of ridiculously pointless articles, read on and you will totally get what I mean. Sometimes I worry about man kind…

1. How To Practice Good Elevator Etiquette.

how to practice good elevator etiquette wikihow pointless

There’s a brilliant guide on how to use an elevator on Wikihow. Which really is great, it’s very helpful considering how difficult elevators are to use – I’d recommend this guide to everybody that needs some impartial advice on elevator use. Don’t tell me not to use the elevator just for two or three floors though, I’ll be a lazy shit if I want to, thanks!

2. How To Carry Your Sleeping Girl To Bed

wikihow image of a girl sleeping on the sofa

This is such a strange Wikihow. I love how in step 3 it tells you: “Make sure you DON’T bump her into things!” The funniest part for me though is one of the warnings at the end of the article. It really is quite scary that people seem to think it necessary to actually warn people against this! (See below)

wikihow ridiculous warning

3. How To Hold In Your Poop!

wikihow how to hold your poo in with an image of a woman in trousers

Tense those butt cheeks people – it really is the best way to hold in your poop! Feeling sorry for the poor souls who have to see a doctor though, see the second bullet point. Oh dear…

4. How To Take A Shower.

wikihow of a man taking a shower step by step

I LOVE how the first step of this process is, wait for it… UNDRESS! No shit Sherlock. Although I would say over half of the male population would struggle to follow the next step – placing your dirty clothes in a laundry basket. They’ll either be found: next to the washing basket, under the washing basket, on the bathroom floor, on the bedroom floor – basically ANYWHERE but the laundry basket. Argh.

5. How To Empty A Bin.

wikihow to empty a bin

How would anyone know how to empty a bin without this godsend of a Wikihow?! Best of all – the first tip is to check when your bin collection day is. Makes sense really I suppose. Still, a pretty ridiculous and pointless Wikihow.


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