Britain’s Worst Seaside Towns: Displayed Through Posters

In June, you might remember we did a countdown of the best seaside towns and villages. This time we wanted to dig to the opposite end of the scale and let you know which getaways to leave out of you itinerary.

It’s now the start of Autumn, so it’s come to a sad end for the seaside season. Many of us will want to get some more visits out of the way before we’re ready to trade our flip flops for doc martens. Do yourself a favour and don’t waste your last 2018 summer memory on one of Britain’s most pitiful beaches.

Unfortunately some coastal resorts aren’t quite looking the same as they did back in their glory days. Thanks to cheap budget holidays to the Mediterranean and beyond, holiday destinations closer to home have been struggling for decades.

Artist Jack Hurley believes it’s still possible to find some humour in amongst all the doom and gloom, even if his recent series of travel posters have rubbed some people up the wrong way!

1. Margate

Margate is a seaside resort on England’s South coast. It’s probably best known for its shell grotto, Dreamland theme park and its high numbers of UKIP supporters. If you visit, you’re likely to see horrendous-looking tower blocks, confused-looking residents and people brawling on the beach. All of which is overshadowed by a dismal grey-black skyline!

2. Great Yarmouth

It looks as though Yarmouth residents will have to wait for the ‘Great’ to return to its name, according to this poster by Hurley! Tacky nightclubs, people riding horses on the main road and an array of comatose men and women await anyone who decides to visit this Norfolk seaside town. It’s also home to some of the world’s worst waxworks.

3. Southport

Nature lovers will probably want to avoid the grim-looking beach and horrendous pier. The only thing to look at will be the mud-splattered lifeguard vans and circling rescue helicopters anyway! Don’t be fooled by the name though. Southport is actually situated up North, in Merseyside.

4. Blackpool

Blackpool’s decline has not gone unnoticed and nowadays it’s more known for its high levels of poverty and widespread drug abuse. Although, there’s a Parisian influence to some of the architecture (in the form of Blackpool tower), the town is far from a chic and stylish seaside resort.

5. Southsea

Southsea looks beautiful, with naff-looking architecture, chavs cycling through the city centre and people openly urinating in public. Unlike Southport, Southsea is in the south, and can be found just next to Portsmouth (it’s basically Portsmouth.)

6. Brighton

Some people might be surprised at Brighton’s inclusion on the list, considering it’s supposed to be one of the hipster capitals of the world. Really though, you’ll be rolling your eyes wherever you go. Potential visitors should be wary of grown men wearing their caps on backwards and rolling through on Segways!

7. Bournemouth

Bournemouth is known for its ageing population and having very little excitement. The South coast resort has been attracting pensioners to its shores for years, and as a result, it looks as though any young folk out there might want to give Bournemouth a miss. After all, it is the ‘penultimate destination’!

8. Grimsby

Grimsby is the butt of jokes in the UK, and was caricatured to mixed reviews in Sacha Baron Cohen’s recent film The Brothers Grimsby (2016). Outside of Hollywood, Grimsby is known for its docks and fishing industry.

9. Cleethorpes

This Cleethorpes poster is where it all started for Hurley. A client at the design company he worked for requested a travel poster for the town in North East Lincolnshire. They’ve been awarded the tag line ‘The Last Resort’.

10. Teignmouth

Teignmouth is a South Devon resort just south of Exeter, and whilst many coastal towns in that part of the world are famed for their natural beauty, Teignmouth doesn’t appear to be one of them.

We didn’t base our countdown on who does the worst seaside doughnuts, but on our genuine opinions. Do you disagree with any of these towns making our list? Tell us your thoughts.